Hit News’ Top 12 Nebraskans Competing for First D-1 Offer

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By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights

HIt News presents the top six players in its final Class of 2009 “Top 12 Nebraska Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer” list.

The final six prospects will be released on Thursday, November 20th, 2009.

   The “The Top 12 Nebraska Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer” list represents players that in our opinion have the best chances to receive D-1 offers based on their current abilities and from exposure through various recruiting ranking services and publications.

   In addition, it is our opinion that each player listed has the ability to play at the D-1 level and that almost all the players on the listing will receive at least a D-II offer or opportunity to play at the next level.

   The listing in no way shape or form should be construed to reflect that there are not other players in Nebraska who are capapble of playing D-1 ball.  Nor does the listing mean that we expect the players listed below–will–receive D-1 offers–because it is quite possible that none of the players featured in our “Top 12…” will ever receive a D-1 offer.

All player measurements, times and distance marks are unverified unless a √ apperars after the mark.

Last updated: November 17th, 2008 @ 9:00 a.m.                      


"The Last Whistle"

Hit News
The Top 12 Nebraska Prospects
Competing for First D-1 Offer
(Part 1 of 2)



High School


40 Time

Grade, National Rank
(click score
to see




Eric Cummings
Omaha Burke



(6-2, 360)
360, 480


2 Star,

Skills & Attributes: Very quick feet, very good hands, very good strength, good tackler, plays violently, very good toughness, good range, very good leverage, good football IQ.

Analysis: Eric Cummings is a very athletic and explosive D-lineman who will get violent at the point of contact.  His quick hands and even quicker feet allows him to–sometimes–display athletic abilities that are regularly observed in elite players such as: fluidly spinning off an opponent to make an unlikely tackle or getting skinny to violently knife into a fortress of bodies to bring down a runner; or showing great range by making plays down the line from the D-gap to the A gap or even across the field.

Cummings may not display the aforementioned abilities consistently and regularly enough to garner elite player status, but his ability to–on occasions–showcase such talents may speak volumes about his potential. 

The potential becomes even more apparent when you take into account that he plays a very good high school  DE at 260lb. Consequently, his projected college move down the line to DT should bring to a defense a very quick and athletic player at that position–even with added weight. He most likely will be  a one gap perpetrator DT in a 4-3 scheme or even a DE in a 3-4 alignment.

Cummings is very good against the run and plays extremely well in traffic, while showing good pad level and leverage and the ability to control and to drive much larger players. He also demostrates the knack to quickly shed a blocker in order to attack the runner. Cummings is also an effective pass rusher, who has the ability to bull rush and/or to use his hands and feet to get around blockers. Cummings has a good motor and always seems to be fighting to get to the ball.


Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: Click here to view



Jordan Hale
Millard South



(6-0 180)
(290, 405)



Skills & Attributes: Very good speed, very good athleticism, very good acceleration, good vision, plays violently, reads well, reacts very well, good tackler, high football IQ

Analysis: Jordan Hale is simply the most underrated HS player in Nebraska!

On both sides of the ball, this kid is a player and among the best in the state at each position —RB and DB.

The reported  40 time for Hale is 4.46.  If how he looks live and on film is any indication–  on his way to a state leading 22 TDs and over 1,100 yards rushing–he looks every bit to have that kind of speed.

Hale is a hard running slasher with the pop to hit the hole quick and the hips and the acceleration to cutback on a dime. And if a would-be-tackler happens to stick, Hale will often deliver the first blow.

On defense, Hale is a tenacious DB with a very good nose for the ball–he demonstrates good hips in coverage and seems to read and react well and he is able to  provide punishing run support.

Based on Hale’s excellence on both sides of the ball, it is hard to determine a projected position–he can be used so many ways on offense. But he seems to really enjoy being the aggressor and delivering big hits on defense.

As a result of Hale’s great senior season–if his speed and size are legit–I would be very surprised if he does receive a D-1 offer. 


Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



Corey Serrano
North Platte



(6-1, 190)
250, 315,



Skills & Attributes: Excellent athleticism, good speed, plays violently, good vision, high football IQ.

Analysis Corey Serrano may be the best overall Nebraska high school football player in the Class of 2009. This kid can do it all–and do it very well!

Unfortunately, this season Serrano has fallen victim to the saying “Jack of all trades and master of none.” His move this season to QB–a position he played very well–may have hampered his ability to showcase his best skills as a RB–a position ESPN rated him as the 102 best in the country.


Serrano is  an upright runner with just the right amount of lean and acceleration to give him the ability to slash or cut back or to run through arm tackles or  to wash through a big hitter that doesn’t wrap up–all of which he can do very adeptly.


Serrano is a natural who is at home doing anything with the ball in his hands. Yet he also is a very good DB, who has the size, speed, reaction skills, physicality, and open field tackling ability to be a very good D-1 SF that is capable of covering the pass or stopping the run. Now throw in the fact that he can also run back, punts and kickoffs–you have a hard time on deciding how to recruit this kid. 

Once his niche is decided, Serrano is the kind a player that should blossom at the D-1 level.

 Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: No



Brent Webb
Bellevue West



(6-0, 190)
235, 345



Skills & Attributes: Very good athleticism, good speed, good hips, good acceleration, good vision, plays violently, reads well, good tackler, high football IQ.

Analysis:  Webb is a physically gifted athlete who is a very good player on both sides of the ball–as a RB/WB on offense and as a DB on defense. He is projected to be a SF at the next level–and rightfully so. Because it is on defense where Webb shines the most.

He is very good at analyzing and reacting to play action and reads the ball well in the air, and shows very good acceleration to the point of attack. Webb also demonstrates the physicality and the toughness to come up and defend the run–he is not shy about punishing a runner. He has proved to be a very aggressive defender with a nose for the ball and a good tackler with the ability to make plays in the open field.


Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



Tyler Seals
Bellevue West



(6-1, 185)
235, 340





Skills & Attributes: Extreme toughness, good feet, good speed, good pocket presence, can throw on the run, accurate short to medium, sees the field well, high football IQ.

Analysis: Tyler Seals is a record breaking Nebraska HS QB who has thrown for over 5,200 yards (2, 800 + this year) and 60 TDs in his career.

This gunslinger is one tough cookie, who has very good poise in the pocket and who is not afraid to hold the ball until the last second. Seals is also adept at accurately throwing on the move to his left or right. Even while on the move, Seals keeps his eyes focused down field to find an open receiver.

The QB spot is the hardest position to be recruited for, as most schools usually only offer one (two at most) scholorships per year to QB prospects.

Seals seems to be a good fit for a spread type offense, he currently has enough arm strength to easily throw accurate short to medium range passes. However, put hm on a strength and conditioning program and give him a good QB coach and Seals may turn into a very effective  D-1 QB capable of laser targeting all throws at any length.


Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



Scott Criss
Creighton Prep



(6-4, 240)



Skills & Attributes: Good leverage, good toughness, good tackler, good feet, good range. good football IQ.

Analysis: The more you watch Criss live and on film the more you appreciate his game and potential. The kid is pretty nimble on his feet and shows good lateral movement and range for a big fella.

Criss is very good at defending the run whether it’s coming right at him, to the outside, or inside and far away, Criss has the range and the quickness to get to the ball. At a long and wide 6-4, Criss has the frame to be able to pack on some good bulk in order to line up at the DT spot in college.

Criss  would probably be a good fit as a two gap stuffer in a 4-3 scheme or possibly a strongside DE if he blossoms into a more explosive player.

 Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



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