Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects’ Offers and Commitments

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Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects’

Offers and Verbal Commitments


“*”and bold represents signing

Division I-A

Jon Lechner, OL (6-5, 315), Creighton Prep

*Ohio University, Buffalo, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech.

Tyrone Sellers, DE, (6-4, 215), McCook

*Kansas University, Wyoming, Iowa, Kansas State

C. J. Zimmerer, FB (6-0, 213), Omaha Gross Catholic


Cole Pensick DT, (6-2, 250), Lincoln Northeast


James Davis, OL(6-3, 315), Omaha North

*Ohio University

Scott Criss, OL (6-5, 250),Creighton Prep

*Wyoming, South Dakota State

Daryle Hawkins, ATH (6-4, 190), Omaha Central
*University of Oregon

Division I-AA

Ty Kildow, ATH (5-8, 165), Millard South

*Nebraska University—Walk-on; University of North Dakota

Eric Cummings, DT (6-2, 270), Omaha Burke

*University of South Dakota

Michael Burrus, RB (5-8, 165), Papillion-La Vista South

*University of South Dakota, University of North Dakota

Jake Marousek, ATH (6-2, 190), Omaha Burke

*University of South Dakota

Josh Kage, OL (6-4, 255), Papillion-La Vista

*South Dakota State University

Garrett Bruhn, FB/LB (6-2, 215), Beatrice
*North Dakota State

Greg Hardin, WR (5-11, 165), Bellevue West
*University of North Dakota

Steve Nelson, OL, (6-5, 300) Platteview High
*University of South Dakota

Eric Koehlmoos, DB (6-1, 190), Pierce

*South Dakota State University

Division II

Tyler Seals, QB (6-1, 185), Bellevue West

*Northwest Missouri State

Jordan Hale, DB (6-0, 190), Millard South

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB (5-9, 180), Millard West

*Northwest Missouri State

Brent Webb, RB/DB (6-2, 200), Bellevue West

*Augustana College

Nick Bell, K (5-9, 185), Beatrice
*Wayne State

Kyle Stuchlik, LB (6-190), Pierce
*Chadron State

Jade Clevland, LB (6-2, 215), Ogallala
*Chadron State

Matt Berry, ATH (5-10, 160), McCook
*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Dillon Goltl, WR (6-1, 165), McCook 
*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Joe Vetrovsky, OL (6-3, 280), McCook
*University of Nebraska at Kearney 

Aaron Ruppert, TE (6-4, 215), McCook 
*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Garrett Schlichtemeier, WR (5-10, 160), Ogallala
*Chadron State

Kyle Bertelsen, LB (6-2, 220), Douglas County West
*Wayne State

Dillon Breinig, LB (6-2, 220), Arapahoe

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Austan Pomajzi, DB (6-1, 195), Grand Island Northwest
*Wayne State

Brent Carprer, DL (6-5, 250), Norris
*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Todd Adolf, P/K (6-0, 165), Millard North
*Northwest Missouri State

Thomas Volkmer, LB (6-2-220), Syracuse
*University of Omaha at Nebraska

Marcus Hall-Oliver, LB, (6-1, 210), Omaha Central

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Jerry Key, CB, (5-10, 170)), Lincoln North Star

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Josh Sapp, DL, (6-1, 175), Lincoln High

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Justin Coleman, WR (6-0, 180) Beatrice

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Tommy Howard, OL (6-6, 245), Grand Island C. Catholic

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Matt Sterup, OL (6-6, 275), St. Cecilia

Northwest Missouri State

Andrew Bauer, S, Elgin
*Wayne State

Coleman Hunter, LB, Omaha North

*Wayne State

Taylor McTavish, K, Woodriver

*Wayne State

Michael Mikaya, RB, Lincoln North Star
*Wayne State

Layne Moore, RB, Wahoo
*Wayne State

Ethan Stutzman, WR, Grand Island NW

*Wayne State

Tim Herman, OL, Crete

Jens Johnson, OL Chadron


John McClain, QB, Chadron

Bryant Miller, OL, Bayard


Travis Reed, WR, Chadron


Michael Ziola, PK, Columbus


Wes Trueblood, WR, Crawford

Andrew Essman, Lincoln Southwest

*Minnesota State

Nate Giffin, Millard West

Corey Serrano, RB(6-1, 200), North Platte

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Braden Taylor, LB, Grand Island

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Brett Klein,DE (6-2, 195), Scottsbluff H.S.

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Mitch Kobza, ILB (6-2, 215) High Plains

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Cole Kruger,OL(6-0, 250), Grand Island

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Cody Krull, LB (6-2, 205), Minden

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Riley Larsen, DL (6-2, 250), Hastings

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Bill Margrave, K (5-10, 140), Chadron

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Kevin McCance, DL (6-4, 315), Lexington

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Jake Morten,ILB (6-1, 223), Loomis, Neb./

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Garrett Rockey, DL (5-10, 220), Norfolk Catholic

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Stephen Rush, DB (5-8, 160), Anselmo-Merna

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Jason Windham, OG (6-2, 300), North Platte

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Jason Wilcox, OL (6-1, 270), Norfolk Catholic H.S.

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Justin Thiel, DT (5-11, 295), Hastings Adams Central

*University of Nebraska at Kearney

Matthew Bicskei, DE (6-1, 215) Omaha Burke
*Uviversity of Nebraska at Kearney


Joe Knott, LB/RB (5-11, 185), Ogallala
*Doane College

Marcus Bolte, OL, (6-0, 250) Omaha Burke

*Midland Lutheran College

DJ Battiato, Lincoln Northside

Shane O’Connell, Millard West

David Hernandz, RB, Bellevue West

*Dana College

Jeff Balz, RB, Elkhorn
*Dana College

Eric Kusy, K, Papillion
*Dana College

Sam Crow, DB, Bellevue East
*Dana College

Riley Truit, OL, Phoenix
*Dana College

Ryan Stockman, P/DB, Bellevue West

*Dana College

Troy Vandanent, DB, Bellevue West
*Dana College

Eric Hyde, RB, Lincoln Southwest
*Dana College

Jason Brooks, WR, Raymond Central
*Dana College

Tim Espinoza, DL, Bellevue West

*Dana College

Clayton Ogden, ATH, Fremont

*Dana College

Matt Mendez, WR, Fremont

*Dana College

Richard Wehmeyer, OL Arlington

*Dana College

Brian Visocky, LB, Malvern

*Dana College

Dominic Meade, WR Roncalli

*Dana College

Nathan Zook, FS, Grand Island
Hastings College

Chad Swason, LB, Fremont Bergan

*Hastings College

Josh Ryba, OL, Scotus

*Hastings College

John Melies, DE, Fremont Bergan

*Hastings College

Curtis Hudiburgh, RB, Grand Island

*Hastings College

Jordan Bottorff, LB, Fremont Bergan

*Hastings College

Chris Boehle, OL, Aurora

*Hastings College

Chip Bartos, WR, Verdigre

*Hastings College

Caden Alexander, WR, Plainview

Morningside College

Derek Dohmen, WR, Creighton Prep
Morningside College

Caleb Lammers, TE/DE, Hartington
Morningside College

Lee Krohn, OL, Pierce
Morningside College


Kelvin Johnson, RB (6-2, 225), Omaha Burke
*Iowa Western Community College

Bo Adams, OL (6-2, 287), Omaha Burke

*Iowa Western Community College

Dakota McCormack, LB (6-2, 225), Omaha Westside

*Iowa Western Community College

JP Hobson, RB (6-0, 190), Ralston

*Iowa Western Community College

Louis Dealba, Omaha Westside

*Iowa Western Community College

Vondrae Tostenson, WR (6-5, 225) Millard South

*Iowa Western Community College

Martell Saulsbery, DL, (6-1, 270), Omaha, Burke
*Iowa Western Community College


 In The Wind

Jimmie Bunting, DL from Johnson-Brock committed to Morningside? 
Robert Barry, TE, (6-8, 215) Batle Creek, Walk-on Univeristy of Nebraska-verified.
Justin Small, LB (6-2, 230), St. Cecilia to Fort Hayes State ?
Jordan Jacupke, QB (6-4, 225), St Cecilia to Morningside?


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7 Responses to “Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects’ Offers and Commitments”

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Thomas Volkmer from Syracuse commited to UNO
(LB 6-2 220)

Matt Sterup OL (6-6, 275) NW Missouri St.
Justin Small LB (6-2, 230) Fort Hays St.?
Jordan Jacupke QB (6-4, 225) Morningside

Sterup/Small/Jacupke from Hastings St.Cecilia

Brent Webb signed a letter of intent to play at Augustana

Elkhorn Committments
Jake Long TE (6-4, 230) University Of Nebraska
Spencer Long TE (6-4, 250) University Of Nebraska
Dan Walgamont OL (6-2, 260) St.Johns University

[…] Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects’ Offers and Commitments […]

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  • my Hit

    Nebraska High Schoolhoops7Top 25 Prospects '08/'09

    By Action Force


    Sponsor: Hit Highlights Inc.

    1. Jarell Crayton, 6-7, SR, C, Bellevue East

    2. Gregg Smith, 6-6, SR, SF/PF/SG, Ralston

    3. Elliot Elliason, 6-11, JR, C, Chadron

    4. Dwight Smith, 6-3, JR , PG/SG, Ralston

    5. Tyler Evans, 6-2, JR, SG/PG, Waverly

    6. Mike Gessell, 6-0, FR, PG, South Sioux City

    7.. John Karhoff, 6-8, SR, PF/C, Creighton Prep.

    8. Vondrae Tostenson, 6-5, SR, PF, Millard South

    9. Matt Hagerbaumen, 6-7, SR, SF, Lincoln Southeast

    10. Stevelle Burns, 6-0, SR, PG, Benson

    11. Deverell Biggs, 6-1, JR, SG/PF, Omaha Central

    12. Caleb Steffensmeir, 5-11, JR, PG, Creighton Prep

    13. Jordan Tyrance, 6-4, SF/PF, JR, Lincoln Southwest

    14. Trevor Meinke, 6-0, JR, PG, Beatrice

    15. Scottie Davis, 6-5, JR, SF/PF, Omaha Burke

    16. Derrius Vick, 6-0, SO, PG, Lincoln Southeast

    17. Ted Lampkin, 5-11, SO, PG, Omaha Central

    18. Jerad Warner, 6-6, JR, PF/C Omaha Gross

    19. Dol Kutey, 6-6, SR, C, Lincoln Northeast

    20. Ben Imig, 6-0, JR, SG/PG, Bryan

    21. Galen Gullie, 5-7, SR, PG, Bryan

    22 Pete Uhing, 6-5, SR, PF/C, Lincoln High

    23 Adonis Hill, 5-10, SO, PG, Omaha Burke

    24. Mike Dentlinger, 6-6, JR, PF/C, Millard North

    25. DK Augustine, 6-4, SO, C, Omaha Bryan

  • Action Force’s Top Ten


    Nebraska High School

    Basketball Teams

    (Week ending 02-15-09)

    Team ,(Record) Last wk rank


    Lincoln SW (18-2) 1


    Creighton Prep (15-4) 3


    Lincoln East(13-5) 4


    Lincoln High (11-6) 5


    Omaha Central (13-3) 3


    Lincoln Southeast(14-5) 7


    Lincoln Northeast(12-5) 103


    Omaha Bryan (15-6) 8


    Chadron (19-0) NR


    Norfolk (13-5) NR Contenders: Bellevue East, Omaha Burke, Omaha Benson, Bellevue West

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