Bryan Transfer Sean McGary helps Central Eagles to Soar

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Honor Student Sheds Some Light On Central’s Success On the Court

By Will Cummings

Omaha Central Guard Sean McGary

Sean McGary, Guard (6-1, 175), Omaha Central

   Way back when the pint-sized ten-year-old Sean McGary was running around the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club (NOBGC) practice track, he struck me as one of those little kids who you knew would make his mark someday. And the junior transfer from Bryan is beginning to do just that as the starting 2 guard for what is arguably the state’s best basketball program: Omaha Central.

    Much of the foundation for Sean’s current success at Central was built at the NOBGC, where my first recollections of him was watching the youngster run the 200 and 400 meter sprints for the their Jaguars Track Team. Although small for his age, Sean ran with a vengeance and toughness that made it hard for you not to notice him–he was the kind of kid that if you were in the stands you rooted for just because of the determined energy that he put out with every stride.

   Sean’s heart and athletic ability more than made up for any lack of size he gave up to his competition, and he would go on to do quite well on the track and on the football field for the NOBGC. However, it was when the multi-talented McGary was on the basketball court that you could tell what he really loved to do.

   On the basketball court, Sean was a fearless little warrior, always on the move tying to create something for his team or himself or to take the ball or an opportunity away from his opponents. Unfortunately, for me, at about the time Sean turned 14, I lost track of him, as my kids moved on to high school.

   Fast forward to the 2008/2009 basketball season and the little warrior, the kid that was—small for his age- has blossomed into a 6-foot-1, 175 pound starting guard for the Omaha Central Eagles.

Recently, I finally managed to catch up to Sean in an effort to find out what makes him tick and the Central Eagles to soar.

Q.  So Sean, what made you leave Bryan after your sophomore year?

A.   Mainly it was a family move that worked out because they [Bryan] plays a slower more deliberate style of offense and Central’s style is more fast paced and aggressive like I’m used to.

And remembering how he use to play as a preteen, his answer made perfect sense to me.

Q.  So what is it like to play for Central—the state champs and all versus playing for Bryan? I mean do you guys ever feel like no one can beat your team?

A:  The biggest difference is the way that people in the community treat you. They seem to be more into the game and more willing to speak to you and tell you you played a good game and things like that. But no one on our team ever feels like we can’t be beat. We never take anyone for granted. We know that if we don’t play our game we can be beat.

   “It wasn’t too long into our conversation that I realized that Sean McGary had grown up to become a sharp, level-headed young man that not only excels on the court but also in the classroom too.

   McGary is a Central High School honors student who carries an outstanding 3.78 GPA.

   Sean McGary, the honor student and basketball star, is a far cry from the—stereotypical–inner city school student that unfortunately is often a reality that we find being represented on the the losing end of some nightmarish statistical data. Perhaps the number one reason why Sean has ended up on the winning side of the numbers is because of his strong-willed supportive parents.

   Sean’s success both on and off the court can be attributed to his mother, Marilyn, a former CEO of the Omaha Urban League, who you can always seem to find at one of Sean’s events, and his father, Phillip, a minister who spent many years as a volunteer basketball coach on some of Sean’s basketball teams. Sean also has two bothers Philip and Brandon who were standout basketball players at Omaha South.”

Q.  So how did you get the starting job at Central?

A.  Coach [ Eric Behrens] saw my game over the summer and he liked what I was doing at practice before the start of the season. So I got the job.

Q.  What kind of style do you play? I mean if you had to pick a college or pro player that best resembled your style of play who would it be?

A.  I’m more like a Dwayne Wade type, I can shoot from outside, but I like to attack the basket and create for my teammates.

Q. So what is your job on the court—what is your responsibility?

A.  My job is to cover the other team’s best player, usually the point guard and to make sure I help to control things up top on offense.

Q.  OK. You see some negative comments about Central players on the message boards like “they don’t play team ball and they just like to showboat and play selfish.” What do you say about that?

A.  You know, everyone on our team can get 15 – 20 points at anytime. There is just a lot of talent. It may not always look like we play together but we do. I think one of the keys to Central’s success is that Coach Behrens lets us play our game within the game.

Q. So you mean he is not the type of coach that says it has to be exactly like this and nothing else?

A.  Yea. He really understands the little things about how the game should be played. That is one the biggest misconceptions that people have about Central. They think we win just because of athletes. No. We win games because Coach Behrens is a very good coach who knows the game and how to get the best out of his players.

He is not the kind of coach who yells a lot at you but when he does—he has your full attention.


Sean McGary’s

Sean’s Favorite Stuff


Height: 6-1,

Weight: 175

Vertical Leap: 31 in

Points Per Game: 12

Assists Per Game: 4

Rebounds Per Game: 3

Field Goal Pct.: 50%

Free Throw Pct.: 68%

Three Point Pct: 30%


School Subject–History

Movie–Love and Basketball

Musical Performer—Young Jeezy

College Basketball Team–Kansas Jayhawks

Pro Basketball Team–LA Lakers

Pro Basketball Player—Kobe Bryant

Q.  Have you drawn any D-1 interest yet?

A.   I had Southern Illinois express some interest but nothing real solid from anybody yet.

Q.  Is there a part of your game you need to work on?

A.   Oh yea, I need to work on everything, but I think more than anything it would be getting more consistent with my outside shot.

Q.   So when you go to college what do you want to major in?

A.   I want to be a sports agent or something similar as long as it involves sports. I have been in sports all my life and I love it. I want to stay in the sports field.

Q.  Alright Sean, what are your team’s chances on winning another title this year?

A.  We would all like to win that fourth title, but this year it’s wide open! Anybody can win it. We are just going to have to stay focused and play our best ball in order to win this year.

Thanks Sean and good luck.

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Action Force’s Top Ten: Central Earns No. 1 Spot With Impressive Weekend Victories

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Get the Latest Information on Nebraska HS Class of ’09 Football Prospects’ Offers and Commitments Here

By Will Cummings
my Hit

   This week Central, the three-time defending state champions, has– earned–the right to be considered the the best team in Nebraska. 

   It’s kind of odd that a program that has won the last three Class A`state titles would be in the position of having to wait so long to be recognized as the best team in the state. But that is exactly the circumstances that head coach Eric Behrens’ one-loss Eagles have found themselves in since the start of the season.  However, don’t blame us (media  types) for the slight.  I mean how can we gloss over the fact that those three titles came with Ronnell Grixby and Chris Griffin and Josh Jones on the team–all of whom are gone!  

   This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, wasn’t it?  Or is it that most of us overlooked or discounted the most important element of all in assessing the Eagles’ ability to contend for the title this year: Coaching. 

   Oh, the Eagles have had some great talent in the past, but Behrens and his staff are evidently overlooked when it comes to the reason for their past successes.  I would suggest that going forward to never discount an Eric Behrens coached team–it should be pretty obvious by now that the man is very much on top of the game and that he must have some pretty good staff around him too.

   Despite this weekend’s good-natured taunts and jeers directed against Action Force and my Hit by Central fans–undoubtedly displeased with his lack of respect in his rankings–Central’s performances have earned them recognition from Action Force as being the best basketball team in the state of Nebraska.

   At least for this week.

Action Force’s Top 10top-ten-logo6Nebraska High School Basketball Teams
(week ending January 25 2009)

Rank, Team, (Record) Last Week’s Rank

1. Omaha Central (11-1) 2

The Eagles went 2-0 this weekend and the biggest win of the two came against Bell, a game that I was fortunate enough to attended. Central’s play, style, depth and manner of victory was convincing enough for me to move them past the Rams—after all, this team has won 3 state titles in a row. Right?

2. Ralston (12-1) 1

The Rams are a very, very good team! We’ll see at the Cage Classic this week, if they can maintain their high ranking. If you want to see good hoops come on out to Bryan High School this week Greg Smith and Dwight Smith are both D-1prospects and don’t forget Tony Grant, Tyler Pleiss and Karon Crawford.

3. Lincoln Southeast (11-2 ) 3

The Knights are a team that can beat you in a variety of ways, inside and out, or outside and in. You pick. UNO commit Matt Hagerbaumeris an impressive finesse big man and soph Derrius Vick is going to continue to make noise over time.

4. Omaha Bryan (12-3) 4

Coach Tim Cannon’s Bears had their time in the spotlight but their loss to current No.1 Central set them back some. But don’t worry Gullie, Agustine, Imig, Kuek, and Jiech are still fully capable of winning a state crown. Remember, it’s not what you do now it’s what you can do come state tournament time.

5. Lincoln Southwest (12-2) 5

The Silverhawks continue to linger. around and be counted among the top teams in the state. My basketball guru friend Dave Shillinglaw–host of Nebraska High School Hoops radio show which airs at 7:00 p.m. every Wednesday on AM station 1620 the Zone –is a huge fan of what the very athletic Silverhawks are capable of doing down the stretch, and I don’t blame him. The athletic duo of Jordan Tyrance and Drew Edmonds along with the rest of the Hawks may be enough of a force to get them a state title.

6. Omaha Creighton Prep (10-3) 7

The return of senior star Alex Hook has brought back major leadership. Add that to the fact he is just a great overall basketball player. Nick Davis and Cole Marten need to continue to play well for the Jays to make it to Lincoln.

7. Lincoln Northeast (10-3) 8

The fighting Dol Kuteycontinues to make noise. Message to Class A start paying attention to the Rockets and Dol Kutey–this is a good team and very capable of putting together a end-of-the-season run to the title.

8. Omaha Benson ( 9-4) 10

Tyler Cerveny’s Bunnies are somewhat quietly surfacing as a legit title contender with lots of guard firepower with senior Stevelle Burns and sophomore CJ Carter and the recent hot streak of sophomore Cal McCoy. All of which is making the Bunnies a very dangerous foe.

9. Omaha Burke (8-5) NR

The Bulldogs are back in the Top 10 after putting together 2 wins in a row for the first time since the Holiday Tournament with wins over last week’s Top 10 No. 6 Bellevue East and Papio South. Junior sharpshooter Ray McGaugh continues to light up the score board and sophomore point guard Adonis Hill continues to do an impressive job of being the Bulldogs’ floor general, while senior Devon Simonds is starting to find his groove.

10. Bellevue East (9-6) 6

Tough losses to Omaha Burke and Omaha Central this weekend for the Chieftains, but remember they still have Jarell Crayton. Don/t you all remember what he did down the stretch last year?


Norfolk, Lincoln High and Beatrice

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  • my Hit

    Nebraska High Schoolhoops7Top 25 Prospects '08/'09

    By Action Force


    Sponsor: Hit Highlights Inc.

    1. Jarell Crayton, 6-7, SR, C, Bellevue East

    2. Gregg Smith, 6-6, SR, SF/PF/SG, Ralston

    3. Elliot Elliason, 6-11, JR, C, Chadron

    4. Dwight Smith, 6-3, JR , PG/SG, Ralston

    5. Tyler Evans, 6-2, JR, SG/PG, Waverly

    6. Mike Gessell, 6-0, FR, PG, South Sioux City

    7.. John Karhoff, 6-8, SR, PF/C, Creighton Prep.

    8. Vondrae Tostenson, 6-5, SR, PF, Millard South

    9. Matt Hagerbaumen, 6-7, SR, SF, Lincoln Southeast

    10. Stevelle Burns, 6-0, SR, PG, Benson

    11. Deverell Biggs, 6-1, JR, SG/PF, Omaha Central

    12. Caleb Steffensmeir, 5-11, JR, PG, Creighton Prep

    13. Jordan Tyrance, 6-4, SF/PF, JR, Lincoln Southwest

    14. Trevor Meinke, 6-0, JR, PG, Beatrice

    15. Scottie Davis, 6-5, JR, SF/PF, Omaha Burke

    16. Derrius Vick, 6-0, SO, PG, Lincoln Southeast

    17. Ted Lampkin, 5-11, SO, PG, Omaha Central

    18. Jerad Warner, 6-6, JR, PF/C Omaha Gross

    19. Dol Kutey, 6-6, SR, C, Lincoln Northeast

    20. Ben Imig, 6-0, JR, SG/PG, Bryan

    21. Galen Gullie, 5-7, SR, PG, Bryan

    22 Pete Uhing, 6-5, SR, PF/C, Lincoln High

    23 Adonis Hill, 5-10, SO, PG, Omaha Burke

    24. Mike Dentlinger, 6-6, JR, PF/C, Millard North

    25. DK Augustine, 6-4, SO, C, Omaha Bryan

  • Action Force’s Top Ten


    Nebraska High School

    Basketball Teams

    (Week ending 02-15-09)

    Team ,(Record) Last wk rank


    Lincoln SW (18-2) 1


    Creighton Prep (15-4) 3


    Lincoln East(13-5) 4


    Lincoln High (11-6) 5


    Omaha Central (13-3) 3


    Lincoln Southeast(14-5) 7


    Lincoln Northeast(12-5) 103


    Omaha Bryan (15-6) 8


    Chadron (19-0) NR


    Norfolk (13-5) NR Contenders: Bellevue East, Omaha Burke, Omaha Benson, Bellevue West

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