Final Nebraska HS Football Class Of 2009 Top 25 Prospect Rankings

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New Entries to Top 25 Prospects in Class of 2oo9 

By Will Cummings
my Hit

   my Hit releases its final Nebraska High School Football Class of 2009 Prospect Rankings, which are based on the following criteria:

  • Player’s overall ratings and rankings by various recruiting services.
  • Player’s demonstrated ability on the field.
  • College Division level at which player will be participating.

   Based on the above reasoning several new players made our Final Class of 2009 Top 25.  But before I go on, let me state this:

“Regardless of where the player is ranked on this list, to be on this list a player is an outstanding cream-of-the-crop Nebraska high school football prospect. And fortunately for all that are on this list, they will continue to play the game at the next level.”

   Heading the list of the new entrants into our Top 25  Prospects is Omaha Central’s 6-foot-4, 190 pound Daryle Hawkins.  Hawkins smashes in all the way to the No. 6 spot, after his last minute D-1A offer from the PAC-10 Oregon Ducks .

   Prior to his early season injury, Hawkins was one of Hit New’s top prospects. However, after missing several games–OK, I’ll admit it, Daryle, I forgot all about you–he vanished from our listings. But it’s good to see you get that huge offer. Not many Nebraska football players have ever received offers from the PAC-10 Conference.   Do yourself and us a favor by making a big splash on the West Coast.

   Next to make his debut at the No. 9 position is big 6-foot-4, 260 pound Josh Kage from Papillion. We have always kept an eye out on this talented athlete who will be attending South Dakota State University. We’ll soon see if Kage will be taking a Class A super-heavyweight wrestling title and shot put title along with him to SDSU.

   Entering the list at No. 16 is Garret Bruhn, a 6-foot-2, 215 pound LB/FB from Beatrice, after committing to an offer from North Dakota State.

   Following Bruhn at No.17 is University of South Dakota bound Steve Nelson, a huge 6-foot-5, 300 pound O-lineman out of Platteview High.

   At No. 18 is St Cecelia’s 6-foot-6, 275 pound O-lineman, Matt Sterup who will be attending Northwest Missouri State.

   Finally, last but certainly not least closing things out at No. 25 is Omaha Central’s 6-foot-1, 200 pound LB Marcus Hall-Oliver, who will be attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Hall will bring a lot of speed and athleticism with him to UNO– put some size on this kid and look out!

   Now except for the potential of a late offer here or there, the Nebraska high school football Class of 2009 prospects can be put to bed.

   Good luck to all!

   Our attention now shifts to The Class of 2010.

my Hit
Top 25 Nebraska High School Football Prospects:Class of 2009 Final Post Signing Day Rankings

crystallogout1Sponsored by

1.  Tyrone Sellers, DE, McCook
2.  Jon Lechner, OL, Creighton Prep
3.  C. J. Zimmerer, FB, Omaha Gross Catholic
4.  Cole Pensick, DT, Lincoln Northeast
5.  James Davis, OL, Omaha North
6.  Daryle Hawkins, Central
7.  Scott Criss, OL, Creighton Prep
8.   Eric Cummings, DT, Omaha Burke
9.   Josh Kage, OL, Papillion
10. Michael Burrus, RB, Papillion-La Vista South
11. Eric Koehlmoos, SF, Pierce
12. Greg Hardin, WR, Bellevue West
13. Jake Marousek, ATH, Omaha Burke
14. Ty Kildow, ATH, Millard South
15. Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB, Millard West
16. Garrett Bruhn, LB/FB, Beatrice
17. Steve Nelson, OL, Platteview
18. Matt Sterup, OL, St Cecelia
19. Tyler Seals, QB, Bellevue West
20. Jordan Hale, ATH, Millard South
21. Brent Webb, DB, Bellevue West
22. Vondrae Tostenson, WR, Millard South 
23. Kelvin Johnson, RB, Omaha Burke 
24. Corey Serrano, ATH, North Platte
25. Marcus Hall-Oliver, LB, Omaha Central


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Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects Offer & Commitment List

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February 4th Signing Day: Twelve Days Away and Counting  

By Will Cummings
my Hit

   Here we are with just over a week left before the Nebraska high school class of 2009 student/athletes get their first opportunity to sign a student athletic scholarship.”national letter of intent.”

   The young men who will sign these documents are fortunate indeed to have the physical attributes, skills, talent and good fortune to have a institution of higher learning pay for their, room board and tuition–while still being able to play the game of football.

   Hey guys, remember: all those 40, 50, and even 100 yard sprints that you ran–on a brutally hot summer day at the end of a three hour practice; or how about all those painful “get one more rep” days in the weight room that you endured through winter conditioning; or those times that the coach screamed at you and made you feel like an idiot or worthless because you blew an assignment or dogged a play or a workout?

    Yea, right about now it wasn’t so bad, huh?

   May you all realize the long hard road it took for you to reach this milestone in your life. And may each of you look deep into your heart and your memory to give thanks to all those around you: parents/guardians, relatives, coaches, teachers, priest and pastors and any others that influenced and shaped your life so that you may reach this point. Because–no one–gets here on their own!

    As for me, “Thanks for the memories and good luck in all your future endeavors.”

    And with that, let’s take a look at the list of known offers and commitments to Division I-A – Division II schools. We will try to keep this list updated every day between now through signing day..

   You can help us keep accurate by emailing us at with any corrections, updates and/or new information.

 Last Updated: January 26, 11:50 pm.



Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Football Prospects’

Offers and Verbal Commitments


“*”and bold represent verbal commitment

Division I-A

Jon Lechner, OL (6-5, 315), Creighton Prep

*Ohio University, Buffalo, Iowa State, Louisiana Tech.

Tyrone Sellers, DE, (6-4, 215) McCook

*Kansas University, Wyoming, Iowa, Kansas State

C. J. Zimmerer, FB (6-0, 213), Omaha Gross Catholic


Vondrae Tostenson, WR (6-5, 225), Millard South

Iowa (unknown if offer is still on the table)

Cole Pensick DT, (6-2, 250), Lincoln Northeast


James Davis, OL(6-3, 315), Omaha North

*Ohio University

Eric Koehlmoos, DB (6-1, 190), Pierce

Wyoming (unknown if offer is still on the table), South Dakota State

Scott Criss, OL (6-5, 250),Creighton Prep

*Wyoming, South Dakota State

Division I-AA

Ty Kildow, ATH (5-8, 165), Millard South

*Nebraska University—Walk-on; University of North Dakota

Eric Cummings, DT (6-2, 270), Omaha Burke

*University of South Dakota

Michael Burrus, RB (5-8, 165), Papillion-La Vista South

*University of South Dakota, University of North Dakota

Jake Marousek, ATH (6-2, 190), Omaha Burke

*University of South Dakota

Josh Kage, OL (6-4, 255), Papillion-La Vista

*South Dakota State University

Garrett Bruhn, FB/LB (6-2, 215), Beatrice
*North Dakota State

Greg Hardin, WR (5-11, 165), Bellevue West
*University of North Dakota

Division II

Tyler Seals, QB (6-1, 185), Bellevue West

*Northwest Missouri State

Jordan Hale, DB (6-0, 190), Millard South

*University of Nebraska at Omaha

Kohlman Adema Schulte, RB (5-9, 180), Millard West

*Northwest Missouri State

Nick Bell, K (5-9, 185), Beatrice
Wayne State

Kyle Stuchlik, LB (6-190), Pierce
*Chadron State

Jade Clevland, LB (6-2, 215), Ogallala
Chadron State

Joe Knott, LB/RB (5-11, 185), Ogallala
Chadron State

Nate Anderson, DB (6-1, 185), Omaha Burke
Wayne State


In The Wind

Justin Coleman, Beatrice’s  6 foot 175lb WR/DB, has taken official visits to several D-IAA and D-II schools but there is no word of any offers or commitment.

Corey Serrano, RB/DB (6-1, 190), North Platte; Matt Berry, ATH (5-10, 160), McCook; Drew Wagner, RB (6-1, 205 ), Madison (1 0f  only 22 Nebraskans in history to rush for over 5,000 yards in a career); Dillion Goltl, WR (6-1, 165), McCook ; Sandi Stanback, OL (6-2, 300), Boys Town; Joe Vetrovsky, OL (6-3, 280), McCook  and Aaron Ruppert, TE (6-4, 215), McCook  have all committed to University of  Nebraska at Kearney?

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Hit News’ Top 25 Nebraska HS Football Prospects: Class of 2009

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Hit News releases it’s end-of-season “Top 25 Nebraska HS Football Prospects: Class Of 2009.”
1.  See individulal player analysis capsule of the 2009 prospects who have already received D-1 offers here.
2.  See individual player  analysis capsule of Hit News’ Top 12 2009 Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer
*Hit News will release its first “2010 Nebraksa High School Football Prospects” listing on November 26, 2008.



Hit News’ Top 25
Nebraska HS Football Prospects:
Class of 2009


Jon Lechner, OL
Creighton Prep


Tyrone Sellers, DE


C. J. Zimmerer,  FB
Omaha Gross Catholic


Vondrae Tostenson, WR
Millard South


Cole Pensick, DT
Lincoln Northeast


James Davis, OL
Omaha North


Eric Koehlmoos, SF


Eric Cummings, DT
Omaha Burke


Jordan Hale, ATH
Millard South


Corey Serrano, ATH
North Platte


Brent Webb, SF
Bellevue West


Tyler Seals, QB
Bellevue West


Scott Criss, DT
Creighton Prep


Michael Burrus, RB Papillion-La Vista South


Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB, Millard West


Greg Hardin, WR
Bellevue West


Bryant Giles, RB
Omaha North


Kelvin Johnson, RB
Omaha Burke 


Ty Kildow, ATH
Millard South 


Drew Neville, LB
Millard South


Alex Stopak, OL
Millard South


Tyler Niederklein, WR
Millard West


Jake Marousek, ATH Omaha Burke


Willie Metoyer, RB
Omaha Westside


Kyle Bertelsen, LB
Douglas County West

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Hit News’ Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Top Ranked D-1 Offered Prospects

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Creighton Prep O-Lineman Jon Lechner Vaults to Hit News’ No. 1 Prospect Spot

By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights

Hit News releases its end-of-the-season  “Nebraska HS Class of 2009 Top Ranked D-1 Offered Football Prospects list.  The Hit News listing features Hit News ranking, analysis and comparative prospect rankings and scores from ESPN and Rivals.

Hit News will update this listing when necessary:  The final Class of 2009 Prospect Ranking  will be posted in February ’09.

“Hit News’ Top 12 Nebraskans Competing for First D-1 Offer” will be updated and released within the next several days.

All player physical measurements, times and distances are unverified unless a “√” appears after the mark.

 Last Updated: December 2, 2008 11:50 a.m. (Lechner & Davis commit to Ohio University.)

 Hit News
Nebraska HS Class Of 2009
Top Ranked D-1 Football Prospects




High School
College Offer
*Verbal Commit


(Ht, Wt)
Bench, Squat,
40 Time,




Stars, Score,
National Rank



Jon  Lechner
Creighton Prep

Buffalo, Iowa State, *Ohio University, Lousiana Tech. 


(6-5, 315)√
315, 550




3 Star,


Skills & Attributes: Good size, very good balance, good strength, good pad level, good feet, and good hands.

 Analysis: Like most of the top HS OL prospects, we have yet to see what Lechner can really do. The fact is: “Big athletes take a little longer time to fully blossom.” However, Lechner certainly possesses all the skills and attributes and potential necessary to rank him among the top HS linemen prospects in the nation. At this stage in his development, he is more suited for a run oriented type of offensive attack, as he is often quick and explosive coming off the snap, while he  demonstrates the ability to control and to drive his opponents off the line. Lechner is also nimble enough to lead, pull, block in the open field, and to pick up blitzes, which may make him more suited to play OG at the next level. Lechner has the athletic potential to also line up at the left tackle spot, but he will need to work on his hand placement and hand speed to control top DE rushers.



Tyrone Sellers
*Kansas, Wyoming, Iowa,
Kansas State


 (6-4, 215)  

 305, 450,






3 Star,



Skills & Attributes:  Very good speed, explosive, good first step, quick feet and hands, very athletic, very good toughness, high football IQ.

Analysis: Sellers has the speed, quickness and athleticism to develop into a very good D-1 rush end. In addition, he also seems to display a good football IQ and the proven toughness that could see his talents put to use at the weakside LB spot or even at the safety position. 


Sellers is more of a finesse DE who is very adept at using his quick feet and hands to get by bigger defenders on his way to the QB. But Sellers also demonstrates good leverage and decent pad level along with the ability to hold his ground and to easily shed bigger opponents at the HS level. However, at the next level, he will need to develop considerably more size and strength to be an effective every down DE or a weakside LB, who can stop the run.



C. J. Zimmerer
Omaha Gross Catholic



 (6-0,  213)√
 295, 400,







2 Star,



Skills & Attributes: Great hips, very explosive, very good acceleration, very good toughness, plays violently, quick feet, plays with very good leverage and pad level, high football IQ.

Analysis: Zimmerer’s stock has risen faster than any Class of 2009 recruit due to the hard work he put in during the off season and through his remarkable performance on the field this year. He has an astonishing 10. 6 yard per carry average while accounting for over 1,200 total yards rushing from the FB position—Whew! From his stance to his brutal blocking and tough explosive and–at times –surprisingly shifty running style, this kid has all the markings of the great classic FBs of the past.


ESPN has Zimmerer rated the 12thbest FB in the nation and it is easy to see why when you watch him play on film. He is a very good blocker who exhibits excellent pad level, accuracy and explosiveness when delivering blocks. And when Zimmerer is running he exhibits very good leg drive and is violent upon contact, which accounts for a lot of YAC (yards after contact).  He is also quick-footed and fleet enough to elude and to run by tacklers in the open field.


It’s all is his hips! Your feet may lead but it’s the vertical, horizontal, and rotational position of the hips that enables a player to deliver effective blows or to effectively absorb punishing hits, or to explosively accelerate out of cuts–Zimmerer has great hip action!


Vondrae Tostenson

 Millard South



(6-5, 225)
285, NA,







3 Star,


Skills & Attributes: Size, excellent athleticism, very good vertical, good strength, good hands, good football IQ, potential difference maker.

Analysis: Amongst all the  prospects in the Nebraska HS class of 2009, Tostenson has the most potential for greatness. However, injury has limited his ability to demonstrate his true potential on the field. Therefore, though we consider Tostenson to be the top Nebraska  HS Class of 2009 prospect with the most ability to excel at the next level –injury limitations have contributed to a current level of play that prevents us from making him Hit News’ No. 1 prospect. Furthermore, WR may not be Tostenson’s best opportunity for—greatness–at the next level.  His height, frame, speed and athleticism are an ideal combo for bulking up into a devastatingly good TE.  Fortunately for the gifted Tostenson no matter what position he ultimately plays, once he recovers fully from his injury—the sky is the limit!


Cole Pensick
Lincoln Northeast



(6-2, 250)
360, 540,






3 Star,


Skills & Attributes: Very good balance, very good strength, good feet, good hands,  good athleticism, good football IQ

Analysis: Pensick plays with very good balance and leverage and at times flashes the ability to be explosive on contact. He is a good tackler and appears to have a good feel for the game with his ability to anticipate ball movement and to read blockers.

At his current skill level he is more  likely to be a two-gap  type DT in a 4-3 scheme or a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense–to play either he will have to bulk up considerably. However, it is still unclear at this stage whether or not this talented athlete (Lincoln Metro heavyweight wrestling champ and reigning State shot-put champ will end up on offense or defense.


James Davis
Omaha North
*Ohio University



(6-3, 315)
325, 530,



2 Star,



Skills & Attributes: Excellent balance, very good hands, good feet, good strength.

Analysis: Davis is one of the best pass blocking O-line prospects in the country. His excellent balance, quick feet and fast and accurate hand thrust allow him to control the best of rushers.   Due to his current height, Davis will most likely play OG at the next level. Therefore, on running plays, he will have to do some work on becoming more explosive and moving his body quicker into position at the point of contact in order to neutralize D-1 DT”s that will be as large or larger than him. 


Eric Koehlmoos


(6-1, 190)
225, 400,






2 Star,



Skills & Attributes: Athleticism, high football IQ, acceleration,  versatility, very good explosiveness, violent

Analysis: Koehlmoos is a gifted athlete that plays very well on both sides of the ball. SF is most likely Koehlmoos’ projected position at the D-1 level. But he is a truly gifted athlete that can play a variety of different positions on both sides of the ball.

As a DB, Koehlmoos is very good at reacting to and making a play on the ball when in the air. He is an explosive player who is often violent at the point of contact–he has the ability to punish a runner. Koehlmoos also demonstrates good range and adequate closing speed and the ability to make tackles in the open field.









































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Omaha World-Herald Super Six

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Also: Max Preps Nebraska Preseason All-State Team


Below is the annual Omaha World-Herald Super Six football players and their “Others to watch this season” mentions.

In addition, a link is also provided for Max Preps’ Nebraska Preseason All-State Team.


Omaha World-Herald Super Six

Jon Lechner, OL

(6-6, 315)

Omaha Creighton Prep

Cole Pensick OG/DT

(6-2, 260)

Lincoln Northeast

Tyrone Sellers DE/TE

(6-3, 220)


Brandon Wegher RB, SE, KK

(5-11, 206)

Sioux City Heelan

C.J. Zimmerer, FB, LB

(6-1, 215)

Omaha Gross

Vondrae Tostenson WR, LB

(6-5, 225)

Millard South


Others To Watch This Season

Offensive lineman James Davis, Omaha North
Quarterbacks: Nick Failla, Millard North; Ron Kellogg, Omaha Westside; Daryle Hawkins,Omaha Central
Wide Receivers Ty Kildow, Millard South; Justin Coleman, Beatrice
Linebackers Marcus Hall-Oliver, Omaha Central; Justin Small, Hastings St Cecilia
Defensive lineman Eric Cummings, Omaha Burke
Defensive Back Eric Koehlmoos, Pierce



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Read Full Post | Make a Comment ( None so far ) releases the 2009 Nebraska Top Ten HS Football Recruit Rankings.

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Below are listed the names and rankings of’s Preseason rankings of the State of Nebrasaka’s Top Ten Recruits:

1.   Vondrae Tostenson, WR, (6-4, 215) Millard South
2.   Jon Lechner, OL (6-5, 310) Creighton Prep.
3.   Tyrone Sellers, DE (6-4, 215) McCook
4.   Cole Pensick, DT (6-2, 250) Lincoln NE
5    C. J. Zimmerer, RB (6-0, 213) Omaha Gross Catholic
6.   James Davis, OL (6-3, 300) Omaha North
7.   Ty Kildow, ATH (5-7, 170) Millard South
8.   Eric Koehlmoos, ATH (6-1, 190) Pierce
9.   Daryle Hawkins, QB (6-4, 190) Omaha Central
10. Eric Cummings, DT (6-2, 255) Omaha Burke

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  • my Hit

    Nebraska High Schoolhoops7Top 25 Prospects '08/'09

    By Action Force


    Sponsor: Hit Highlights Inc.

    1. Jarell Crayton, 6-7, SR, C, Bellevue East

    2. Gregg Smith, 6-6, SR, SF/PF/SG, Ralston

    3. Elliot Elliason, 6-11, JR, C, Chadron

    4. Dwight Smith, 6-3, JR , PG/SG, Ralston

    5. Tyler Evans, 6-2, JR, SG/PG, Waverly

    6. Mike Gessell, 6-0, FR, PG, South Sioux City

    7.. John Karhoff, 6-8, SR, PF/C, Creighton Prep.

    8. Vondrae Tostenson, 6-5, SR, PF, Millard South

    9. Matt Hagerbaumen, 6-7, SR, SF, Lincoln Southeast

    10. Stevelle Burns, 6-0, SR, PG, Benson

    11. Deverell Biggs, 6-1, JR, SG/PF, Omaha Central

    12. Caleb Steffensmeir, 5-11, JR, PG, Creighton Prep

    13. Jordan Tyrance, 6-4, SF/PF, JR, Lincoln Southwest

    14. Trevor Meinke, 6-0, JR, PG, Beatrice

    15. Scottie Davis, 6-5, JR, SF/PF, Omaha Burke

    16. Derrius Vick, 6-0, SO, PG, Lincoln Southeast

    17. Ted Lampkin, 5-11, SO, PG, Omaha Central

    18. Jerad Warner, 6-6, JR, PF/C Omaha Gross

    19. Dol Kutey, 6-6, SR, C, Lincoln Northeast

    20. Ben Imig, 6-0, JR, SG/PG, Bryan

    21. Galen Gullie, 5-7, SR, PG, Bryan

    22 Pete Uhing, 6-5, SR, PF/C, Lincoln High

    23 Adonis Hill, 5-10, SO, PG, Omaha Burke

    24. Mike Dentlinger, 6-6, JR, PF/C, Millard North

    25. DK Augustine, 6-4, SO, C, Omaha Bryan

  • Action Force’s Top Ten


    Nebraska High School

    Basketball Teams

    (Week ending 02-15-09)

    Team ,(Record) Last wk rank


    Lincoln SW (18-2) 1


    Creighton Prep (15-4) 3


    Lincoln East(13-5) 4


    Lincoln High (11-6) 5


    Omaha Central (13-3) 3


    Lincoln Southeast(14-5) 7


    Lincoln Northeast(12-5) 103


    Omaha Bryan (15-6) 8


    Chadron (19-0) NR


    Norfolk (13-5) NR Contenders: Bellevue East, Omaha Burke, Omaha Benson, Bellevue West

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