Final Nebraska HS Football Class Of 2009 Top 25 Prospect Rankings

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New Entries to Top 25 Prospects in Class of 2oo9 

By Will Cummings
my Hit

   my Hit releases its final Nebraska High School Football Class of 2009 Prospect Rankings, which are based on the following criteria:

  • Player’s overall ratings and rankings by various recruiting services.
  • Player’s demonstrated ability on the field.
  • College Division level at which player will be participating.

   Based on the above reasoning several new players made our Final Class of 2009 Top 25.  But before I go on, let me state this:

“Regardless of where the player is ranked on this list, to be on this list a player is an outstanding cream-of-the-crop Nebraska high school football prospect. And fortunately for all that are on this list, they will continue to play the game at the next level.”

   Heading the list of the new entrants into our Top 25  Prospects is Omaha Central’s 6-foot-4, 190 pound Daryle Hawkins.  Hawkins smashes in all the way to the No. 6 spot, after his last minute D-1A offer from the PAC-10 Oregon Ducks .

   Prior to his early season injury, Hawkins was one of Hit New’s top prospects. However, after missing several games–OK, I’ll admit it, Daryle, I forgot all about you–he vanished from our listings. But it’s good to see you get that huge offer. Not many Nebraska football players have ever received offers from the PAC-10 Conference.   Do yourself and us a favor by making a big splash on the West Coast.

   Next to make his debut at the No. 9 position is big 6-foot-4, 260 pound Josh Kage from Papillion. We have always kept an eye out on this talented athlete who will be attending South Dakota State University. We’ll soon see if Kage will be taking a Class A super-heavyweight wrestling title and shot put title along with him to SDSU.

   Entering the list at No. 16 is Garret Bruhn, a 6-foot-2, 215 pound LB/FB from Beatrice, after committing to an offer from North Dakota State.

   Following Bruhn at No.17 is University of South Dakota bound Steve Nelson, a huge 6-foot-5, 300 pound O-lineman out of Platteview High.

   At No. 18 is St Cecelia’s 6-foot-6, 275 pound O-lineman, Matt Sterup who will be attending Northwest Missouri State.

   Finally, last but certainly not least closing things out at No. 25 is Omaha Central’s 6-foot-1, 200 pound LB Marcus Hall-Oliver, who will be attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Hall will bring a lot of speed and athleticism with him to UNO– put some size on this kid and look out!

   Now except for the potential of a late offer here or there, the Nebraska high school football Class of 2009 prospects can be put to bed.

   Good luck to all!

   Our attention now shifts to The Class of 2010.

my Hit
Top 25 Nebraska High School Football Prospects:Class of 2009 Final Post Signing Day Rankings

crystallogout1Sponsored by

1.  Tyrone Sellers, DE, McCook
2.  Jon Lechner, OL, Creighton Prep
3.  C. J. Zimmerer, FB, Omaha Gross Catholic
4.  Cole Pensick, DT, Lincoln Northeast
5.  James Davis, OL, Omaha North
6.  Daryle Hawkins, Central
7.  Scott Criss, OL, Creighton Prep
8.   Eric Cummings, DT, Omaha Burke
9.   Josh Kage, OL, Papillion
10. Michael Burrus, RB, Papillion-La Vista South
11. Eric Koehlmoos, SF, Pierce
12. Greg Hardin, WR, Bellevue West
13. Jake Marousek, ATH, Omaha Burke
14. Ty Kildow, ATH, Millard South
15. Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB, Millard West
16. Garrett Bruhn, LB/FB, Beatrice
17. Steve Nelson, OL, Platteview
18. Matt Sterup, OL, St Cecelia
19. Tyler Seals, QB, Bellevue West
20. Jordan Hale, ATH, Millard South
21. Brent Webb, DB, Bellevue West
22. Vondrae Tostenson, WR, Millard South 
23. Kelvin Johnson, RB, Omaha Burke 
24. Corey Serrano, ATH, North Platte
25. Marcus Hall-Oliver, LB, Omaha Central


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Hit News’ Top 25 Nebraska HS Football Prospects: Class of 2009

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Hit News releases it’s end-of-season “Top 25 Nebraska HS Football Prospects: Class Of 2009.”
1.  See individulal player analysis capsule of the 2009 prospects who have already received D-1 offers here.
2.  See individual player  analysis capsule of Hit News’ Top 12 2009 Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer
*Hit News will release its first “2010 Nebraksa High School Football Prospects” listing on November 26, 2008.



Hit News’ Top 25
Nebraska HS Football Prospects:
Class of 2009


Jon Lechner, OL
Creighton Prep


Tyrone Sellers, DE


C. J. Zimmerer,  FB
Omaha Gross Catholic


Vondrae Tostenson, WR
Millard South


Cole Pensick, DT
Lincoln Northeast


James Davis, OL
Omaha North


Eric Koehlmoos, SF


Eric Cummings, DT
Omaha Burke


Jordan Hale, ATH
Millard South


Corey Serrano, ATH
North Platte


Brent Webb, SF
Bellevue West


Tyler Seals, QB
Bellevue West


Scott Criss, DT
Creighton Prep


Michael Burrus, RB Papillion-La Vista South


Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB, Millard West


Greg Hardin, WR
Bellevue West


Bryant Giles, RB
Omaha North


Kelvin Johnson, RB
Omaha Burke 


Ty Kildow, ATH
Millard South 


Drew Neville, LB
Millard South


Alex Stopak, OL
Millard South


Tyler Niederklein, WR
Millard West


Jake Marousek, ATH Omaha Burke


Willie Metoyer, RB
Omaha Westside


Kyle Bertelsen, LB
Douglas County West

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Hit News’ Top 12 Nebraskans Competing for First D-1 Offer Part 2

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By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights

HIt News presents the last six players in its final Class of 2009 “Top 12 Nebraska Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer” list.

If you like speed and talent, these last six players on our list have plenty of both! Photobucket

The ”The Top 12 Nebraska Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer” list represents players that in our opinion have the best chances to receive D-1 offers based on their current abilities and from exposure through various recruiting ranking services and publications.
In addition, it is our opinion that each player listed has the ability to play at the D-1 level and that almost all the players on the listing will receive at least a D-II offer or opportunity to play at the next level.
The listing in no way shape or form should be construed to reflect that there are not other players in Nebraska who are capapble of playing D-1 ball.  Nor does the listing mean that we expect the players listed below–will–receive D-1 offers,–because it is quite possible that none of the players featured in our ”Top 12…” will ever receive a D-1 offer.

All player measurements, times and distance marks are unverified unless a √ apperars after the mark.

Last updated: November 30th, 2008                      

Hit News’
Top 12 Nebraska Prospects
Competing for First D-1 Offer
(Part 2 of 2)



High School


40 Time

Grade, National Rank
(click score
to see




Michael Burrus
Paillion-La Vista South 


(5-7, 165)



Skills & Attributes: Great vision, great cutback ability, extreme toughness, very good acceleration, very elusive, explosive, very good catching the ball, Potential difference maker.

Analysis: Michael Burrus is the kind of electrifying player and elusive runner that every time he touches the ball, you gasp your breath in anticipation of the outcome. A true warrior to the core, Burrus rushed for a Nebraska Class A leading 1,823 yards and 21TDs this season. More amazingly, in several games he carried the ball nearly 40 times–now that’s a tough back!

Burrus has great vision and great cutback ability and very good acceleration–a deadly combination for would-be-tacklers. He is also masterfully patient in allowing his blockers to create daylight. More importantly, he is very good at not only seeing the hole but–anticipating–where the hole will be–a true sign of a gifted RB. 

Though small in stature, Burrus is not shy about squaring his shoulders and running between the tackles. As he picks and slides and finally commits to attacking a hole, he will sometimes deliver his own blow to a tackler. But if he fails to make the tackler miss, like all great small backs, he is very adept at shielding his body from full force blows.

In addition to his running prowess, Burrus is very comfortable at catching short or long and/or easy or difficult passes from out of the backfield. He can probably even throw it to himself since he is also the team’s back-up QB–not a bad thrower either.

We have no reported 40 time for Burrus, but we know that he is extremely quick and very elusive on the field (last track season Burrus clocked one of the state’s fastest 100 meter times of the year at 10. 69.)

The only thing that separates Burrus from being one of the most sought after RBs in the region is: About 20 lbs and two inches in height.

He can put on the weight through a strength and conditioning program–and we all know that there–are–and have been great college and pro RBs who have (had) his height.

Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



Kohlman Adema-Schulte
Millard West 


(5-8, 180)



Skills & Attributes: Extremely competitive, very good speed, very good blocking back, very good catching the ball, very explosive and potential difference maker.

Analysis:  Kohlman Adema-Schulte is a powerful and explosive RB, who bursted onto the presses last Spring as the result of his Nebraska High School State Track & Field Meet All Class Gold Medal winning performances in the 100 and 200 meter dashes (10.67 20.97)–This kid can is a ferociously tough competitor who can fly right past you or run right through you. He has gained over 1,100 yards on the ground and has helped to lead his undefeated team to the state finals.

Adema-Schulte may be a little short in height but he is powerfully built for his frame. As such he patterns himself more as a power runner than a speed back. But let that not fool you because he can get to the edge as fast as you can blink your eyes. Adema-Schulte shows the ability to slide and pick and when he sees daylight, he runs to it with enough purpose, power and balance to break tackles and make yards after contact. He sees the field very well and is quick–footed enough to make you miss him in the hole if he doesn’t decide to run through you. 

The best part about Adema-Schulte’s game is his pass catching ability out of the backfield and what he can do afterwards: if he has a little space-goodbye! 

Adema-Schulte would be a great fit for a traditional or spead offense as change of pace back or all purpose or slot back.

 Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO



Greg Hardin
Bellevue West




(5-11, 165)



Skills & Attributes: Very good hands, very good body control, adjusts very well to ball in the air, good acceleration off the ball and on cuts, good speed, clutch receiver.

Analysis:  Greg Hardin is soon to be a Nebraska high school two-time First   Team ALL State WR. He is Nebraska’s career leader in both reception yards, (2,231), and  TDs (31).  Hardin is a smooth rout runner with very good hands and body control and the quickness to create separation coming out of a cut.

Hardin shows no difficulty catching any manner of ball thrown–in fact the more difficult the catch the better it seems for Hardin. Downfield and away from the ball, Hardin decoys well and shows the desire to block downfield on running and passing plays.

Hardin should develop into a very good possession type of receiver with the ability to create big plays through his body control and acceleration.

 Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: No



Bryant Giles 
Omaha North



(5-10, 185)



Skills & Attributes: Very good vision, very good cutback ability, good toughness good acceleration, good athleticism.

Analysis: Bryant Giles is hard running slasher with very good vision, cut back ability and the quickness and agility to be elusive. After a very productive junior season, Giles had a monster senior year rushing for a Nebraska Class A second best total of 1,583 yards to go along with his 19 TDs.

Giles shows good body lean and control and he flashes the ability to be patient, while allowing his blockers’ attempts to shed some light. And as soon as a smidgen of daylight appears, Giles has the acceleration to blow through and pick up big chunks of yardage.  He shows good toughness when running between the tackles and the ability to pick up yards after contact. More impressively, Giles has the speed and quickness to turn the corner and to go the distance. Away from the ball, Giles demonstrates the ability to pass protects and to block in the open field, as well as the ambition to effectively carry out fakes.

It doesn’t matter if it’s between the tackles or on the edge Giles is a tough runner who always fights to get the extra yards.

Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO


Kelvin Johnson


(6-1, 215)




Skills & Attributes: Very good size, very good blocker, good speed, good accelration, hard runner, violent at point of contact, good strength, good power, good vision, good football IQ.

Analysis:  Kelvin Johnson may be the biggest “sleeper” prospect in Nebraska– a big, strong, tough and powerful high school RB with speed, who does a whole lot of other good things away from the ball. He has the kind of size, speed, raw ability and temperament that are ripe to blossom at the next level–his best days are ahead of him.

As a high school RB/FB, Johnson has put together two very productive high school seasons: he rushed for nearly 900 yards last season and nearly 700 yards this season–but don’t let those sub 1,000 yard numbers fool you! Johnson plays within a system and rotation that features two other good backs plus a very good running QB.

As part of his team’s offensive rotation, Johnson serves as the big powerful back that can block and is very good at running between the tackles. Johnson performed his duties very well: He  hits the hole with determination and runs with, good body lean and the consistent ability to lower and square his shoulders to the line of scrimmage. Upon contact, he keeps his legs pumping as he fights for the extra yard. As a result, Johnson will often picks up good yards after breaking free from initial contact—it usually takes more than one player to bring Johnson down–he also flashes signs of elusiveness after penetrating the line.

Johnson plays very well without the ball in his hands: he is a very good blocker and very adept at carrying out ball fakes. The final addition to this RB’s repertoire is that if he finds a seam, Johnson has the quickness and the breakaway speed to go the distance. And that is what really makes this big RB an intriguing prospect.

Johnson has the size and the speed and he may be a little time and some hard work away from being a very productive RB at the next level. In fact, because of Johnson’s size and speed one could plausibly argue that he is the most likely Class of 2009 RB to succeed at the next level.


Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: Yes. Click here to view.



Ty Kildow


(5-7, 170)
290, 425


2 Star

Skills & Attributes: Excellent speed, Excellent vertical, very explosive, very good hands, very good toughness, very good athleticism, high football IQ, potential difference maker.

Analysis TY Kildow still has not returned from off season knee surgery. But we still think that this outstanding athlete ranks among the top D-1 football prospects in Nebraska.

The most explosive player in the state of Nebraska and perhaps one of its best athletes. The JR year First Team All-State football and baseball player has 4.39 40 yard dash speed and good hands. He would be ranked higher if not for his injury and the fact that he also lacks the minimum ideal height for a D-1 WR. But a school willing to take a chance may end up with a very special player that may also be an effective punt and kickoff returner.

Senior Year ’08 video highlight link available: NO


Just Missed

“These players are just as good”

Alex Stopak, OL, (6-4, 280) Millard South; Drew Neville, LB (6-0, 210) Millard South; Tyler Niederklein, WR (6-2, 190) Millard West;  Dakota McCormack, LB (6-2, 215) Omaha Westside; Willie Meytoyer (5-10, 190) Omaha Westside; Jake Marousek, ATH, (6-2, 190) Omaha Burke; Josh Kage, OL (6-4, 260) Papillion-La Vista; Alex Hook, QB (6-0, 175) Creighton Prep; Kyle Bertelsen, LB (6-2, 218) Douglas Co West; Tyrone Lewis, LB (6-4, 195) Lincoln North Star.

Top Mention list

“Many of these players will continue to play at the next level”

Brad Heldt, SF (6-0, 175) Creighton Prep; Nick Failla, QB/ATH (5-10, 175) Millard North; Justin Small, LB (6-2, 230) St Cecilia; Matt Sterup, OL (6-6, 270) St Cecilia; Marcus Hall-Oliver, DE (6-1, 205) Central; Daryle Hawkins, QB, (6-4, 185) Central; Jack Saxton, LB (6-0, 190) Burke;  Nate Anderson, DB (6-1, 185) Burke; Zach Christo, OG (6-1, 290) Millard South; Bud Kauzlarich, DT (6-0,  275) Papillion -La Vista S.; Justin Coleman, WR (6-0, 175) Beatrice; Garret Bruhn, LB (6-2, 215) Beatrice; Kyle Bertelsen, LB (6-2, 218) Douglas Co West; Trevor Florendo, SF (6-0, 186) Crete; Robert Barry, QB (6-8, 220) Battle Creek; Ron; Kellogg QB (6-1, 210) Westside;  Dayton Graf, DL (6-5, 275) Lincoln SW;  Tyson Clark, WR (6-4, 200) Lincoln East; Drew Sankey, (6-4, 200) Lincoln East


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Oops! Millard West Is Best Team In Class A

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By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights

Poll: At the bottom of article, pick the two winners of the Nebraska Class A football playoff semifinals.


   I normally stay away from predicting  the outcomes of high school playoff games; nevertheless, I took a stab (a real bad stab)  at the Bellevue West vs. Millard West game.  I ah brilliantly surmised that Tyler Seals and Greg Hardin somehow possessed enough magic to smite the mighty Wildcats into their first loss of the season. I guess I was just too caught up in the moment of their great careers and their outstanding performances in the opening round of the playoffs.

    I proclaimed the upset despite knowing that passing teams and cold windy weather don’t mix,  and even after admitting that Millard West had the better team (but not by much).  

    Boy was I wrong! Reminder to self: Stick to logic and throw out the sentiment when predicting games.

    In Friday night’s bitterly cold and windy conditions, the Wildcats managed to produce 42 points and just over 400 total yards of offense, while at the same time holding the T-Birds to just 7 points and 107 total yards, and allowing only one five yard Seals to Hardin completion.  That’s dominance!



Trench Warfare: Grand Island VS Creighton Prep 

    While the Millard West Wildcats were busily chewing on some frozen Bellevue Bird, I was at Burke stadium freezing my arse off–watching the dramatic (ha) 7-0 Creighton Prep victory over Grand Island.

  The score remained 0 – 0 until the fourth 4th qtr. There was not much action in this game unless you like to watch good trench warfare–and I do. Better yet,  Creighton Prep has several of the best linemen in the state in Jon Lechner, Jeff Uher and Scott Criss.  However, neither Grand Island nor Creighton Prep’s linemen could claim domination in the trenches, until midway through the 4th qtr., when Prep seemed to be getting the better movement.

   Though Junior RB Nick Mizaur would often slam through the line for four and five yard pops, it was a couple of key runs by senior RB Brad Heldt and senior QB Alex Hook that would finally break the game in Prep’s favor–the one that set up Heldt’s TD was the game’s longest run by Hook–a beautifully timed and executed naked bootleg that went for over twenty some yards.

  The Junior Jays’ offense managed only seven points against a very stubborn Grand Island defense, but it was enough for them to remain unbeaten and to keep their state title hopes alive. 

  The underlying story in Preps’ playoff run is their outstanding defense, which has two consecutive shutouts (three in a row counting the last regular season game) in the playoffs, adding to a grand total of 5 shutouts for the season. 

 Head coach Tom Jaworski team’s outstanding defensive performance is a function of some good Prep athletes playing together as a team with good technique, while very rarely making mistakes.

 “The Creighton Prep Junior Jays are an extraordinarily well-coached defensive team:
It is the best defensive team I have seen this year!

But are the Junior Jays the best team in Class A?”

 Millard West: Best Team In Class A

   Today, for the first time this season,  I have to answer, “No.  Millard West is the best team in Class A.”  The Wildcats have very good team speed and they have the most balanced team on offense and defense in Class A . This unique combination gives Millard West the ability to score bunches of points and/or to shut a team down.

   Fortunately, polls are meaningless right now.  Even though Hit News considers Millard West to be the best team in Class A–Omaha North, Creighton Prep and Millard South feild very good  teams that are all capable of beating the Wildcats–this is a very balanced final four.

   There is no way I will make a prediction on the Millard West vs. Omaha North or the Creighton Prep vs. Millard South game–heck, I still can’t even decide on which one to attend.  But I still stand by my pre-playoff prediction that we won’t have two unbeaten teams in the finals. 

    Could I be wrong again?

OK!  Try your hand at picking the winner of each Class A semi-final game:

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Nebraska HS Playoff Upset Forecasted: Bellevue West Defeats Millard West

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 By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights


#9 Bellevue West VS #1 Millard West


    The Bellevue West Thunderbirds enter their quartefinal playoff game game against the Millard West Widcats coming off an emotional last minute 30-28 come from behind victory over the Burke Bulldogs, in last week’s opening round game.  Conversely, the  Wildcat’s showup this Friday after a playoff record breaking 77-0 trouncing of Omaha Northwest. 

    So how does the way that the T-Birds and the Cats handled their opponents last week portend to the outcome of their battle this week?

Answer: Simply that one team will be playoff battle tested for this quarterfinal match up while the other team will be well rested–that’s all!

   However,  the biggest factor to take a look at in attempting to predict the outcome of this game is figuring out how these two teams match up against each other:

    The T-Birds have faced some good running teams and some decent passing teams this year, but they have yet to face a highly balanced and efficient offensive team like Millard West that can both run and pass very well.   Millard West QB Nate Hauptman, may not throw as much as Seals but he is as accurate.  And when Hauptman is not throwing, he always has the luxury of handing off the ball to speedy 1,000 yard RB Kohlman Adema-Schulte.   However, Bellevue West’s much improved defense led by their talented senior DB Brent Webb has shown the ability to slow down some very good offensive teams.

    The Cats have yet to face a passing attack like that of the T-Birds, especially one that only gets more productive as they get in rhythm running their no-huddle offense designed to have their opponent playing on their heels–while gasping for breath. 

    The T-Birds’ Tyler Seals and Greg Hardin are the best pass-catch tandem in Nebraska high school history, but they will not be the team’s only offensive weapons on the field, as Evan Herring (third leading receiver in Class A)  provides another ideal target for Seals. The T-Birds also have  a formidable running attack featuring speedy David Hernandez and a dose or two of Webb.

    The Cats have one of the best defenses in the state but their biggest defensive weapon this week may be the weather as it is forecastto be in the 30’s by game time.  Cold weather can wreck havoc on any offense, but even more so on a highly pass oriented  team like the T-Birds. 

    Though Millard West is undefeated and the T-Birds have lost three games–there is no other visable marker to say that the Cats are a better team than Bellevue West.  Therefore,  to predict the outcome of this game I will rely on the visable and intangible differnces between the two teams: Seals and Hardin have proven themselves to be very talented tough competitors and difference-makers. I look for both of them and the rest of their teammates to find ways to be prepared and ready for the elements and the essence of the moment on Friday night.   That and home field advantage is the only edge that seprates these two teams.

Hit News Game Forecast: The weather will be cold!  But–on their home feild–the T-Birds aggressive defense will slow down the Cats highly potent offense just enough to allow Seals and company to heat up the scoreboard with the higher tally of points by the end the game.  Thereby, handing Millard West an untimely first defeat of the season.


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Hit News’ 2008 Nebraska Class A Playoff Breakdown: Games 1 & 2

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Millard West VS Omaha Northwest (Game 1)

Bellevue West VS Omaha Burke (Game 2)

By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit Highlights

#1 Millard West (9-0)  VS  #16 Omaha Northwest (2-7)

Game 1

First off: Congrats to Northwest for making the playoffs for the first time in 16 years. Hopefully, in the near future, this will encourage more school participation in the sport.Unfortunately, this game should provide an opportunity for Millard West to rest up some of their key players after a half or so of play.  

Keys To victory

Keys To victory

Nebraska’s fastest sprinter, Kohlman Adema Schulte, and a very accurate QB in Nate Hauptman should inflict enough damage to seal the deal.

Stop the Huskies run game featuring Antaries Daniels and do your thing on offense and you should have things well in hand by halftime. 

Don’t get over confident—anything is possible.  That’s why they play the game.


The line must block for Antaries Daniels—we may never see how good this kid really is due to the Huskies perennial inequities up front–they need some beef on the line!

The defense must find a way to stop the Wildcats’ well balanced offensive attack. Good luck with that task!



Key Players To Watch

Key Players To Watch

Kohlman  Adema-Schulte, RB; Tyler Niederlein, WR;  Nate Hauptman QB.
Antaries Daniels, RB.


#9 Bellevue West (6-3)  VS  #8 Omaha Burke (7-2)

Game 2

The game is a rematch between two pretty evenly matched teams. Their first game was tied 21 all late into the fourth quarter when the Thunderbirds reached into their bag of tricks with a long and perfectly executed hook and ladder play for the winning TD.

This is not the most desirable match-up for the Bulldogs as they seem to struggle most against teams that can throw the ball– the Thunderbirds’ with QB Tyler Seals and WR Greg Hardin leading the charge are the best passing team in the history of Nebraska high school football. And just when you think you are stopping the pass, out pops the Thunerbirds’ dangerously shifty David Hernandez on his way towards a long scamper.

Just as dangerous as Seals’ arm is when he throws the ball, dual-threat Burke QB Jimmie Forsythe’s lightning quick feet are just as lethal to opposing teams when he is on the run. In addition:  Kelvin Johnson, a power runner with speed; Reggie Bush–I mean Stephon Washinton and the blazzing Jake Marousek combine to provide the most explosive backfield in the state.

It will be a tall task for both defenses to contain one another.

The weather may play a key part in deciding this one:The colder and nastier the better it may be for the Dawgs. A nice calm night–as is forcasted–may be problematic for the Bulldogs unless their improving secondary steps up another notch or two.

High school football fans wishing to see some of the best skill players in the state–Don’t miss your chance to attend this game!

Keys To Victory

Keys To Victory

Bulldogs are vulnerable against the pass–exploit their weakness and limit turnovers, while using the pass to set up the run.

Defensively Bellevue West needs to contain Forsythe like they did in the first meeting. At the same time the Thunderbirds can’t lose focus on all of Burke’s other weapons like Jake Marousek, Kelvin Johnson, and Stephon Washington and Lavant Moore.

That is a big “if ” with all those weapons at Burke’s  disposal.  But containing Forsythe will start the Thunderbirds in the right direction towards victory. 

If the Thunderbirds can play defensively like they did in the first half of their previous game againt the Bulldogs–it could be a long night  for Burke.

Burke must limit penalties (they rank among the most penalized teams in Class A) and turnovers. The line and the backs  must  pick up the Thunerbirds’ constant blitzing attack and/or find a way to exploit it.  Most importantly,  Forsythe must trust his arm and his feet to deliver a team victory. 

The defensive line and/or scheme must find a way to pressure Seals and defensive playmakers like  Jack SaxtonChris Lucido and Nate Anderson must play big. Don’t overlook the slashing speedster David Hernandez, who will burn you as quick as Seals’ arm.

Thunderbirds ‘
Key Players To Watch

Key Players To Watch

Tyler Seals, QB; Greg Hardin, WR, DB;  Brent Webb, DB, Tim Neal, RB: David Hernandez, RB.
Jimmie Forsythe, QB; Lavant Moore, WR; Jack Saxton, LB;  Nate Anderson, DB, RB; Chris Lucido, DB, RB; Stephon Washington, RB, DB.


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Top 12 Nebraskans Competing for First D-1 Offers

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By Will Cummings
Hit News @Hit Highlights


     Hit News presents a midseason update to its list of The Top 12 Nebraskans Competing for First  D-1 Offers. 

    The list represents the top Class of 2009 college prospects in the state of Nebraska who have yet to receive an offer from a D-1 program.

    The list is compiled using ratings and rankings from several national recruiting agencies as well as taking into consideration a player’s performance through midseason.

    High school D-1 prospects are players that meet the minimum playing standards and height, weight, and speed  requirements of D-1 programs.  One of the most  elusive determinants in judging a prospects potential is trying to gauge how much physical and mental improvement a given player can make at the next level based on his current size and abilities.

    It’s important to note that college prospects are not necessarily representative of the best high school football players–but they do represent players that have the most potential to play at the highest college level.
The recruiting Breakdown  will be updated one more time at the end of the season.

Top 12 Nebraska Prospects Competing for First D-1 Offer

1. Eric Cummings, DT (6-2, 260) Burke 
Cummings is strong, and has good explosive burst off the line also shows  quick feet and hands. Good run stopping skills. Lacks ideal size for position. Needs to work on moving quicker to the spot on pass rush and mixing up his pass moves. He could be an effective player at the D-1 level.

*At Mid season, Cummings continues to flash abilities as a defensive lineman that separates him from the crowd–at times he has shown an uncanny ability to athletically disengage and shed from a block at the last second to make a tackle. Cummings has the ability to rush the passer and to stop the run. Based on his current level of play, a nice strength and conditioning program along with some good coaching at the next level could see him bloom into something special. 



2. Jordan Hale, ATH
(6-1, 185) Millard South
Hale can run, catch, and play defense. This versatile player is hard to pigeonhole. However, he lacks the ideal burst and separation to be an effective D-1 WR. Most likely he will end up playing CB or SF at the next level. There is no doubt he will be offered a full ride–the only question is will it be a D-1 offer?


*Hale continues to perform well on both sides of the ball and he ranks among the top in the state in rushing and TD’s. On offense, he is a strong slashing type runner with good balance and burst. As a defensive back, Hale is adept at closing on the run or to the ball while it’s in the air


4. Tyler Seals, QB
(6-1, 185) Bellevue West
The best throwing QB in the state. Unfortunately, he plays the hardest position to advance to D-1 level. Lacks superior arm strength but has nice accuracy and touch. Will need to improve arm strength and mobility in the pocket. 



*Seals appears to be well on his way to setting some state passing records. He is a very accurate passer who shows great poise and good feet in the pocket. If he was a couple of inches taller he would have several offers already. But that shouldn’t stop D-1 schools from giving this kid a chance–there are too many QB’s of similar stature that have found success.


5. Greg Hardin, WR
(5-11, 165) Bellevue West
The top receiver in the state has very good hands and has good burst to allow separation from defender— can improve route running skills. Lacks the ideal physicality and raw speed for a D-1 WR, but is fast enough and can work hard enough in weight room to be a good WR at the D-1 level 




*At midseason, Hardin is the top receiver in class A in most categories. Hardin continues to show great hands and the ability to find creases in the defensive secondary. He has put together quite a high school career. Hopefully, D-1 schools are taking notice of his accomplishments and his potential.


6. Brent Webb, SF 
(6-2, 190) Bellevue West
He is a hard running back and will smack you as a defensive back, which is where he is most likely to play safety at the next level. Lacks ideal top speed at the position but is athletic enough and has speed enough to compensate. He will need to get stronger in the weight room to compete at the next level.   



*Through midseason, Web continues to show why he is among the top prospects in the state. Although he continues to be a key contributor as an offensive back, his playing ability on defense is what truly separates him from the crowd. He is a very good DB with great instincts for the game.


7. Dakota McCormack, LB
(6-3, 220) Westside
He has good size and speed, and can get to the ball with bad intentions. Needs to work harder in weight room to add strength and a little more bulk to frame. Has ideal size and speed to play at next level. 



*McCormack has had a solid season thus far and continues to demonstrate why he is our top rated LB prospect in the state. McCormack flows well to the ball and displays good lateral movement. He also can deliver a punch when he reaches his mark.   


8. Michael Burrus, RB
(5-7, 165) Papillion-LVS.
Burrus returns from a strong junior year campaign that saw him rush for over 1,000 yards. He is A shifty yet powerful runner with very good speed (in ’08 recorded one the state’s fastest 100 meters) and vision. Needs to add considerable bulk to be effective at the next level.


After just six games, the newest member of the Top 12, Michael Burrus has already rushed for over 1,100 yards. Last year, I stated that Burrus was the most underrated back in Nebraska. This year that statement is no longer the case–he is the best!  Any back that can carry the ball forty times, still keep ticking, and delivering is a special player. This undersized but fast elusive and durable back is one for D-1 schools to keep tabs on.


9. Jake Marousek,  ATH
(6-2, 190) Burke
He is an ATH with desirable size and very good speed and burst (in ’08 he placed third in State Class A 200 meter and had one of last season’s fastest recorded 100 meter times at 10.74.)  He is also a hard runner who may develop into an effective all purpose back or receiver and/or special teams returner at the next level.


*Halfway through the season, Marousek is proving every bit the offensive athlete. Whether he is lining up to receive a kickoff, or at the RB spot, or at the WR or slot positions, he has proved to be a dangerous scoring threat from anywhere on the field. His very good speed and acceleration along with his improving running and catching abilities should make him a good candidate for a spread offense at the next level.


10. Willie Metoyer, RB
(5-9, 195) Westside

A hard runner with just enough size and speed to play at D-1 level–a slasher with cutback ability. He will need to develop more strength in the weight room to be effective at the next level.     



*Mid season finds this tough and powerful running back still making a name for himself. His quick feet and powerful  burst make it hard for most defenders to bring down by themselves. A strong finish to the season  will ensure that Metoyer will see an offer to play at the next level.


11. Alex Hook, QB
(6-2, 180) Creighton Prep

A smart kid and very good athlete (top notch hoopster)  with outstanding leadership qualities combined with good speed and a nice arm makes him a strong candidate for a spread type offense at the next level.



*It’s unfortunate that Hook is limited in displaying his abilities by his team’s offensive scheme–but when called upon he can deliver the pass and he also has shown that he can run too. And why complain when his team is still undefeated and ranked number one in the state.


12. Ty Kildow, ATH

(5-8, 165) Millard South
The most explosive player in the state and perhaps one of its best athletes. The JR year First Team All-State football and baseball player has 4.39 speed and good hands. He would be ranked higher if not for his recent injury and the fact that he also lacks the minimum ideal height for a D-1 WR. But a school willing to take a chance may end up with a very special player that may also be an effective punt and kickoff returner.



*Kildow still has not played this season. Nonetheless, Kildow will remain on this list whether he plays this year or not. The two sport first team all-state player has already proved his worth on the football field last season.



Just Missed

Kelvin Johnson, Scott Criss, Bryant Giles, Josh Kage, Ron Kellogg

Top Mention list

 Scott Criss, DT (6-5, 260) Creighton Prep; Brad Heldt, SF (6-0, 175); Creighton Prep; Nick Failla, QB/ATH (5-10, 175) Millard North; Justin Small, LB (6-2, 230) St Cecillia; Matt Sterup, OL (6-6, 270) St Celcelia; Marcus Hall-Oliver, DE (6-1, 205) Central; Jack Saxton, LB (6-0, 190) Burke; Kelvin Johnson, RB (6-1, 200) Burke; Zach Christo, OG (6-1, 290) Millard South; Alex Stopak, OT ( 6-4, 275) Millard South; Drew Neville, LB {6-0, 210) Millard South; Bryant Giles, RB (5-10, 180) Omaha North; Bud Kauzlarich, DT (6-0,  275) Papillion -La Vista S.; Josh Kage, OT (6-4, 260) Papillion; Justin Coleman, WR (6-0, 175) Beatrice; Garret Bruhn, LB (6-2, 215) Beatrice; Kyle Bertelsen, LB (6-2, 218) Douglas Co West; Trevor Florendo, SF (6-0, 186) Crete; Robert Barry, QB (6-8, 220) Battle Creek; Kohlman Adema-Schulte, RB (5-9, 180) Millard West; Tyler Niederklein, ATH (6-2, 190) Millard West Ron; Kellogg QB (6-1, 210) Westside.   

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Hit News’ Breakdown: Nebraska High School Football Recuiting Class 2009

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By Will Cummings
Hit News @ Hit

 This article–updated 09/09/08–was originally posted on 6/29/09

Breaking Down the Nebraska High School Football Recruiting Class of 2009

    As of the end of June,  there are already six Nebraska high school football players that have received at least one D-1 offer [James Davis was number 7 on September 5, 2008.] Though this year’s class may not have the four and five star players as the previous two classes, It may end up having more total D-1 players offered than either of the two previous classes. 

Below we have compliled three list:

  1. Early D-1 Offer List and our ranking of Nebraska High school Football players that have received D-1 offers.
  2. Top Ten List and our ranking of the top recruited Nebraska high school players that have not received offers. 
  3. Top Mention List, additional players with opportunities to receive offers.

    All three list are based on player performance and potential without regard to any off the field issues except for injuries.

    The list are not indicative of the best high school players: These are players that have the most potential to play at the D-1 level based on their current size, speed, and playing ability.

    The list is also not a combined ranking of players with the most D-1 potential. In other words, simply because a player(s) has received an early offer does not mean that the player  necessarily has more D-1 potential than a player who has not yet received an offer. In addition, The Top Ten List does not reflect that the players on the list will ultimately be better D-1 candidates than The Top Mention List players.

    Recruiting is a fluid process where a player’s stock may rise and fall due to a variety of issues. Accordingly, with seven months remaining until February’s signing day, a lot can change between now and then. But one thing is for sure, college coaches will be continually monitoring player progress through the remainder of the recruiting cycle. Even players who have already received offers need be wary of this, because an oral or a written offer can be pulled as quickly as it was given.

    With the above in mind: We encourage all players to keep your grades in order, your behavior in check, and your training and game efforts at their highest levels.

Nebraska High School Football 
Early D-1 Offer List
(Updated 9/7/08)


1. Tyrone Sellers, DE
6-3, 215)

Wyoming, Kansas (Commit), Kansas State, Iowa

Currently, Sellers is physically undersized, however, he possesses the playing ability and speed to be an effective rush end at the D-l level. With the added size that he will surely gain through a D-1 strength program, he may even develop into an effective run stopper and an every down DE.

2. Cole Pensick, DT
    (6-2, 250)
    Lincoln  NE

Nebraska (commit)

During his JR year, he was a First Team Nebraska Super- State OL, and he won the Nebraska All Class Gold in the shot put. Strong and athletic with decent speed. He will need to add bulk to his frame to compete with the big boys at the next level.

3. Jon Lechner, OT
    (6-5, 310)

Nebraska, Wyoming,  Wisconsin, Iowa State , Ohio, Buffalo.

Possesses D-1 size and agility to play guard or tackle, but he will need to hit the weight room hard and dedicate himself to consistently performing at his highest level to be a successful D-1 player.

4. Eric Koehlmoos, SF
    (6-1, 190)


A HS QB and DB, this gifted athlete has colleges looking at him on both sides of the ball. With his speed and hard-hitting style, he most likely will be more effective as a safety at the next level.

5. Vondrea Tostenson,
   WR (6-4, 215)  
   Millard South


A good freshman basketball season followed by a very good sophomore football campaign put this prized sized WR on the map. However, an early JR year football knee injury has kept him sidelined since. May lack the speed and burst to be an impact WR  at the D-1 level but could be a nice possession WR. He also has the frame to add bulk for a move to TE.

6. C .J. Zimmerer, FB
 (6-0, 213)
Omaha Gross Catholic

Nebraska (Commit)

On film, this is a tough looking FB and LB.  He will need to improve speed and add size to be effective at the next level.

2008 In Season Offers

7.  James Davis, OG
(6-3, 310) Omaha North

*Offer from Ohio University on 9/5/08

Very good pass blocking skills, strong, good feet and quick hands. Lacks ideal height at position for many D-1 colleges. Needs to work on run blocking skills. But has ability to be an effective D-1 O-lineman.

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  • my Hit

    Nebraska High Schoolhoops7Top 25 Prospects '08/'09

    By Action Force


    Sponsor: Hit Highlights Inc.

    1. Jarell Crayton, 6-7, SR, C, Bellevue East

    2. Gregg Smith, 6-6, SR, SF/PF/SG, Ralston

    3. Elliot Elliason, 6-11, JR, C, Chadron

    4. Dwight Smith, 6-3, JR , PG/SG, Ralston

    5. Tyler Evans, 6-2, JR, SG/PG, Waverly

    6. Mike Gessell, 6-0, FR, PG, South Sioux City

    7.. John Karhoff, 6-8, SR, PF/C, Creighton Prep.

    8. Vondrae Tostenson, 6-5, SR, PF, Millard South

    9. Matt Hagerbaumen, 6-7, SR, SF, Lincoln Southeast

    10. Stevelle Burns, 6-0, SR, PG, Benson

    11. Deverell Biggs, 6-1, JR, SG/PF, Omaha Central

    12. Caleb Steffensmeir, 5-11, JR, PG, Creighton Prep

    13. Jordan Tyrance, 6-4, SF/PF, JR, Lincoln Southwest

    14. Trevor Meinke, 6-0, JR, PG, Beatrice

    15. Scottie Davis, 6-5, JR, SF/PF, Omaha Burke

    16. Derrius Vick, 6-0, SO, PG, Lincoln Southeast

    17. Ted Lampkin, 5-11, SO, PG, Omaha Central

    18. Jerad Warner, 6-6, JR, PF/C Omaha Gross

    19. Dol Kutey, 6-6, SR, C, Lincoln Northeast

    20. Ben Imig, 6-0, JR, SG/PG, Bryan

    21. Galen Gullie, 5-7, SR, PG, Bryan

    22 Pete Uhing, 6-5, SR, PF/C, Lincoln High

    23 Adonis Hill, 5-10, SO, PG, Omaha Burke

    24. Mike Dentlinger, 6-6, JR, PF/C, Millard North

    25. DK Augustine, 6-4, SO, C, Omaha Bryan

  • Action Force’s Top Ten


    Nebraska High School

    Basketball Teams

    (Week ending 02-15-09)

    Team ,(Record) Last wk rank


    Lincoln SW (18-2) 1


    Creighton Prep (15-4) 3


    Lincoln East(13-5) 4


    Lincoln High (11-6) 5


    Omaha Central (13-3) 3


    Lincoln Southeast(14-5) 7


    Lincoln Northeast(12-5) 103


    Omaha Bryan (15-6) 8


    Chadron (19-0) NR


    Norfolk (13-5) NR Contenders: Bellevue East, Omaha Burke, Omaha Benson, Bellevue West

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